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Companies of all sizes and across different industries increasingly demand to adopt new technologies. A new breed of Digital Project Professionals (DPP) was born. Regardless of job titles – Business Analyst, Project Executive, Product Manager, Digital Marketer, DPPs leading the development of these technologies oftentimes do not have any background or experience in the tech field—and this can cause problems.

When facing a software-driven world, the digital project management knowledge gap is bound to get widened and the demand for more digital project professionals (DPP) is bound to increase dramatically. It calls for an instant knowledge booster and ready to use tool to close this gap and help get digital and software projects done.

Neither do we strictly follow the traditional waterfall project approach, which is inflexible, too lengthy and too many change-request forms mounting up; nor force upon our clients the agile development, whose lack of well-defined requirements makes initial costs and resources planning impossible, and proven to be too challenging for corporates to follow.


DPP Project Template is the blended result of both methods. It represents our standardized workflow built on Trello based on our extensive digital experience. Contributed by the inputs from our pool of project specialists, and backed by the design thinking spirit, DPP Project Template facilitates Digital Project Professionals to balance Business, People (Operation), and Technical requirements, the essential skill needed to effective digital and software project management.

3 Steps to Create your Project Workflow

Copy Template on Trello


Invite Team to Collaborate

Save your time following the project workflow developed by an award-winning development house.

Improve communication between internal users and all working parties.

Improve product quality through smart collaboration.

Plan and get clearer requirements from stakeholders.

Quick links to project know-hows and resources (and we keep building our resources library).

Track progress and better manage vendors.

For digital projects of all sizes and all kinds.

DPP Project template was built with medium-to-large digital projects in mind. This generally means projects that take at least three months and may last as long as two years. We chose to focus on projects of this size because they are the most common. More importantly, once DPP have grasped the fundamentals of managing medium-to-large size projects, they are able to scale the processes both up and down to suit their needs.

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Who is DPP Project Template for?

Digital Team

Development House
Digital Agency


Frequently Asked Questions

Why you’re doing my work for FREE?

  • This tool was developed primarily to help us better report to and communicate with our clients. During a project development, we need to sync up our workflow and work progress with all parties. Since there are already too much unpredictability and expectation misalignment in a digital project, we believe that transparency and constant communication is the only way to achieve development success. Advocating this workflow is indeed easing our project management in the long run.

Why you built DPP Project Template on Trello?

  • Because it’s the project management tool we’ve been using. It’s a great productivity tool both we and many successful digital agencies and software startups are familiar with.
  • The free version of Trello is good enough to manage most projects and its powerful features yet simple interface tremendously shorten the learning curve and minimize operating costs. 
  • In our upcoming resources, we will expand into areas like workflow automation, which Trello is also friendly with such integrations.
  • Trello allows public template access which makes it easy for us to share our template with you and yours with your team.

Who is GreenTomato? Who is GT GROUP?

  • Green Tomato Limited, a regional leader in mobile enterprise solutions and mobile innovation powerhouse. We are well known for sustainable creativity and innovativeness on mobile. GreenTomato is a Hong Kong Business Awards Company, Computerworld Tech Company of the Year, Red Herring Global 100 & Red Herring Asia 100 company, being a proud winner of over 50 local and global awards including Hong Kong ICT Awards & Asia Pacific ICT Alliance grand award winner. Learn more

  • GreenTomato’s parent company, GT GTOUP runs regional successes, such as Hotmob, Hong Kong Movie, TalkBox/Teamwork, Timable, Storellet and incubates its own Startup Studio.

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